The question is not why should you wrap your vehicle. It is why wouldn't you!
Why should I consider vinyl graphics? Vinyl graphics over Paint? Marketing and advertising

Vinyl graphics provide a variety of opportunities for both you and your company. Some basic reasons to choose vinyl over paint is the rate in which you can turn yourself or your company into a highly marketable asset.

"Outdoor media reaches the entire
socioeconomic spectrum of Americans"
according to a study by Arbitron, Inc., an international media and marketing research firm.

High Impact - According to Cox
Communications/Eagle Research: 48% of those polled viewed car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available, and 47% of 18-34 year olds surveyed found car wraps especially memorable.


If you are a racer in any type of sport you understand the risk factor involved. If under any circumstance you are involved in a wreck, scrape the wall, have a fire hazard or just drop a wrench on the body, we can reprint that specific section and have it installed in an hour making your vehicle look brand new and ready to race again.

Average Rage Wrap vehicle cost... $2,950. The average customer will leave their newley wrapped vehicle on for an average of three years. Over that three year period you are spending only $82 each month! Where else can you get the best bang for your buck? Your vehicles are on the road already, why not have them make money for you!

Having some kind of graphic display will automatically make you stand out from your competition. If you have ten of the same vehicle and place them next to each other it will make for a very boring picture. Now if you are the only one out of the ten with a some kind of design or graphic feature, this will automatically place you in front of the pack. By doing so you are now a marketable asset to another company that might be interested in handing out a sponsorship.

Also if you are the company you are creating a moving billboard that can reach more individuals than any flyer or mailer ever can. When you break it down it all comes down to the same concept, put yourself in front of your competition and make yourself visible.

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