Question: What is a vehicle wrap? Question: How do we get started? Question: How does the wrap get printed?
Answer: A "vehicle wrap" is a general term to anything that is "wrapped" in special vinyl with a design made for a purpose such as to advertise for a business, promote sponsor or yourself, or to just have a killer design that will make all of your friends and everyone else on the road jealous of your new Rage Wrap! Answer: This is simple, after a few emails and phone conversations our highly trained and detailed oriented staff will be able to determine the purpose of your new Rage Wrap. At this point small deposit will be asked and away we design. Throughout the process proofs will be provided to ensure you are happy with your new Rage design. Answer: After you the client has come to like a final design we ask that you bring your vehicle in for final measurements. After we double check your new design and confirm specific measurements we send the art work to one of our many different print stations.
Question: Do you do anything else other than wraps? Question: Can you remove the wrap? Question: How long does it take to wrap a vehicle?
Answer: Yes we do! Rage Wraps is a full service design firm that provides our customers with a full line of services. Print design, POP, banners, illustration, apparel, web design and more. If you have a design request we can do it. We have not been stumped yet. Answer: Of course you can. Any wrap may be removed down the road if you wish to change the design under any circumstance. If you change your companies name, logo, slogans or just want to have the latest Rage you can update your vehicle/trailer/etc... at any time. Answer: The actual process of wrapping your vehicle depends on the size and what we are wrapping. It can happen the same day you drop it off or it can take up to 4 days. Every application is different, but on average a Rage Wrap takes about 2-3 days total.
Question: How many colors can you choose? Question: How do you wrap a vehicle? Question: What can you apply a wrap to?
Answer: We get asked this question all the time and for the most part your color selection is limitless! We can print any color under the sun and the cost to you is the same! Answer: That's our secret... just kidding! Wrapping a vehicle is actually a very tedious and time consuming process. It takes special skills that can't be taught or learned through studying a text book. This is a hands on education process and the installers at Rage Wraps are the best in the business. Our installers have been wrapping vehicles for years and know every trick of the trade. If you want to see the best at work, then look no further and take your next wrap to Rage Wraps! Answer: Just about anything you can bring to us. Helmets, trailers, billboards, cars, race cars, boats, wagons and more. Any smooth surface can be wrapped. Now specialty vinyl's can be available for special applications such as the side of building, bring and masonry walls. We can also wrap interior walls, columns and more. Rage Wraps can also print straight to wallpaper, yes I said wall paper! If you want it wrapped, Rage Wraps can wrap it.
Question: What makes your wraps different? Question: How long will a wrap last? Question: What is the next step?
Answer: A number of things, but mostly design. We do not use typical "Wrap Software" that many others might work from. We work with our own two hands. What does this mean for you the customer? This means any idea you have, Rage Wraps can make it happen! Other processes such as lamination separate us from the rest of the pack. Our lamination process makes for lighter, thinner, more durable lasting vehicle wraps that don't look like a giant sticker placed over the sides of your vehicle. Answer: A very long time. Race car applications we have no definite answer, well because we feel the wrap should last the lifetime of the car itself. Commercial vehicles will most likely outlast the life of the vehicle. Typically you can expect to see 3-5 years out of the life of your new Rage Wrap with proper care and maintenance. Answer: It's time to get your Rage On!
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